Training Trenches in Marlborough

Historical Background

The 7th Battalion of the Wiltshire Regiment was billeted in Marlborough between October 1914 and Spring 1915. During this time they undertook training prior to being sent over, initially to France, and then to Salonika, in Greece.


7th Battalion Wilts Regiment in training trenches

Documentary and Photographic Evidence

We have a number of historical documents that describe the battalions time in Marlborough, which includes references to the battalion undertaking training in practice trenches. There are also two contemporary photos that show these trenches in Rockley, near Marlborough.


Archaeological Investigations

Aerial photography combined with local knowledge of the area – has identified two training trenches sites nearMarlborough– at Rockley and near Rabley Woods. A geophysical magnetometry survey has been carried out at Rockley and the site of the trenches was identified. Although the signal was very week the layout of the trenches was identified – especially when combined with the aerial photography analysis.


Finding the trenches using magnetometry

Future Fieldwork

We are now planning an excavation of these trenches as part of a community project involvingMarlboroughtown council and local schools. We hope that this project will become one of the centre pieces ofMarlborough’s centenary programme.



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